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2010 All Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Instructors’ Training Seminar

Date: August 06, 2010



Venue: Herat, Afghanistan

Assistant Instructors: Technical Committee MembersChief Instructor: Sensei Mohammad Seyar Azadani, Yondan, President of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan

This year training seminar includes the followings:

1. Basic Techniques Training

2. Kata training including Pinan Katas, Bunkai, Gekisai-Sho, Seienchin, Naifanchin Shodan, Nainfanchin Nidan, Kanku, and Suushiiho

3. Bo - Jutsu Kata: Oshiro-no-Kon and its Bunkai, and Shushi-no-Kon

4. Kumite Combination Techniques

5. Iken Training

Qualifications: Dojo Instructors, Black and Brown Belt Holders.

For more information, please see the attached details: All Afg Kyokushin-kan Instructors Camp

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