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Afghanistan Places 3rd in The 2012 Karate World Championships “Shinken Shobu Rules”

The 2012 World Weight Category Karate Tournament was The 1st Kyokushin-kan Karate World Tournament that wasorganized successfully with the new competition rules of Kyokushin-kan which "punch to face" is allowed.

In this world tournament, only eight countries including Afghanistan, Russia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Korea, USA, Japan, and Cameroon were selected to participate.

The tournament was held in four weight categories of 65Kg, 72Kg, 80Kg, and Over 80Kg. In each weight category, there were only 8 selected fighters, allowed to compete.

Afghanistan's fighter, Hujatullah Samehzada, represented Afghanistan in the light weight category, under 65Kg. The first fight of Mr. Hujatullah Samehzada was with 2012 All Japan Champion, Mr. Yamada Ryota. Hujatullah won his first fight in the first 2 minutes of the fight with TKO. His first Wazari was with left punch to the face and the second Wazari was with Jodan Mawashi Geri.

 Third Place_ WC

Winning the first fight of the tournament with TKO against the 1st hope of Japan for this weight category was something that the Japanese didn't expect. Hujatullah was fast and strong. Everyone at the Gymnasium couldn't help being impressed by Afghanistan fighter. We got a lot of admirations from the audience and from the other participants.

Hujatuallah's second fight was with another Japanese fighter, Mr. Yusuke Nakagawa. Yusuke was as fast and sharp as Hujatullah. Yusuke was very intelligent to control the fight to have a draw result because the Japanese team knew that Hujatullah didn't do well in the Temeshiwari Competition. The first round of the fight was a draw as well as the 2nd round of the fight.


Afghanistan lost the fight to Japan because of Temeshiwari result. It was Mr. Yusuke Nakagawa who found the chance to fight against the Russian Champion, Mr. Anton Krivosheev, in the final of the light weight category.

Here is the results of the light weight category:

Champion: Anton Krivosheev, Russia

2nd Place: Yusuke Nakagawa, Japan

3rd Place: Hujatullah Samehzada, Afghanistan

3rd Place: Motoki Tokita, Japan

"Dear fellow Afghans,

I am very happy and honored that for the first time in Afghanistan Kyokushin Karate history Afghanistan got the Bronze Medal, 3rd place, from this prestigious world tournament. Thanks to the prayers of our fellow funs and all those who have supported us in this journey. This result for Afghanistan is an achievement that has not been gained so far in Afghanistan Kyokushin Karate history. I trust that all our members will strive altogether to achieve higher results for our beloved country, Afghanistan. I sincerely congratulate all my fellow Afghans on this historical achievement."


Mohammad Seyar Azadani

Country Rep. and President

Kyokushin-kan International - Afghanistan (KKI-AFG)

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