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Kata Seminar held for Herat Instructors.

In order to improve the technical level of Herat Kyokushin-kan instructors and to help them prepare for their promotion tests, there was held a Kata training seminar on Friday Jan 31, 2014 in Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan Central Dojo. The seminar was taught by our Country Representative and President Master Eng. Mohammad Seyar Azadani In this Kata seminar, the following Katas were taught:
  • Gekisai-Dai
  • Gekisai-Sho
  • Naifanchin-Shodan
  • Naifanchin-Nidan
  • Gionu Kata Suno Ichi
  • Gionu Kata Suno Ni - and
  • Oshiro-no-Kon
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