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Kyokushin-Kan Afghanistan opens a new branch in Khost Province of Afghanistan.

This new branch of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan in Khost province of Afghanistan, southeast part of Afghanistan, is another stunning achievement of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan. Since early 2006, the leadership of Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Organization (Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan) has been working hard to develop Kyokushin-kan in all over Afghanistan. We now have over 40 dojos in cities and provinces around the country. Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan has official branches in Khost, Paktia, Nangarhar, Laqhman, Kabul, Herat, Ghazni, and Farah provinces. The Opening ceremony report;

Kyokushin-Kan Afghanistan opens up branch in Khost  Province

Prepared by: Ihsan

On Friday, 15 August 2014, the southeast area chief Sensei Mohammadullah Sabiri on behalf of Kyokushin-Kan International Afghanistan, ceremonially inaugurated its provincial branch in Khost Olympic Committee conference-room. The ceremony was attended by Aziz-ur-Rahman Malang,  Head of Khost Olympic Committee and representatives from Khost University students, Lecturers, civil societies Activities, Journalists, Religious Scholars and all Khost-based sports federations. The gathering was started by reciting of Holly Quran and welcoming remarks by Abdul Hasib Himat, the Co-chairman of Adil Educational Cultural and Sports Organization and delivered the biography of Sensei Sabiri to the participants. During the opening speech Mr. Azizurahman Malang Head of Khost Olympic Committee expressed gratitude from the opening up of Kyokushin-Kan International Afghanistan’s branch in Khost province. Malang also thanked from Kyokushin-kan delegations and pledged for continuous support with Khost branch. Later on, Sabiri delivered his speeches and explained the foundation history and philosophy of Kyokushin-kan Karate in Japan and Afghanistan. Sabiri also shared the achievements of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan and the role of senior management in its success achieved so far. He added that the people of Khost have been bestowed with divinely capacity for sport and assured that southeast region will actively represent in Afghanistan and other international events. Religious scholars/Ulemas also delivered speech’s and explained the importance of sports in Islam and called upon youths and their parents to encourage the youths for active participation in the sports.The scholars also indicated that sport is one of the preventative measures from addiction to drugs and other unwanted deeds. Likewise, the civil society’s representatives and journalists presented their thoughts and views, expressing commitment to reflect the Kyokushin-kan events in local media and presses. The ceremony ended up with the presentation of belt and certificate to Rahmanullah Wisal Mangal and his introduction as an official representative of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan in Khost and then the ribbon cut by Sensei Sabiri Area Chief and Head of Khost Olympic Committee. 20140516_080652 230320122740 230320122742 230320122747 230320122748 230320122753 230320122762 Certificate award Dojo group photo  

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