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Report of 4th All Herat Kyokushin-kan Championships

Another success for development of Kyokushin-kan International in Afghanistan. Over 110 participants competed in the 4th All Herat Kyokushin-kan Championships as it was scheduled on May 08, 2009 in Herat Sports Gymnasium. The tournament was held successfully in a friendly environment with participation of Farah branch team.All Herat (9)

As it was planned, the candidates of Afghanistan team participating in the 2nd Kyokushin-kan World Tournament were finalized. Afghanistan is represented in the World Tournament by three fighters in 70 Kg weight category and by two fighters in 80 Kg weight category.

The names and Kyokushin background of the candidates will be on the website very soon.


Weight Category



60 Kg

Champion: Safiullah Fahmi

2nd Place: Habibullah Nourzi Farah Branch
3rd Place: Ahmad Raza Esmaeil Zadah Herat Dojo

70 Kg

Champion: Hujatullah Samizadah Bayat Heraweyan
2nd Place: Hamed Shirin Sokhan Heraweyan
3rd : Fred Ahmad Rahmati Heray

80 Kg

Champion: Ahmad Sha Afzali Heraweyan
2nd Place: Mohammad Rafi Herari Heraweyan
3rd Place: Ahmad Sha Kalantari Farah Branch

+80 Kg

Champion: Mohammad Rasoul Tajzadah Heraweyan
2nd Place: Ahmad Zahir Naeil Farah Branch
3rd Place:  Dadullah Afghan Doust Farah Branch


Champion: Ahmad Sha Afzali Heraweyan
2nd Place: Ghulam Farouq Rasouli Heray
3rd Place: Wahid Azimi Heray

Best Fighter

Hujatullah Samizadah Bayat Heraweyan Dojo

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