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Report of the 2nd All Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Championships & Selection of National Team

The 2nd All Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Championships and Selection of National Team was held successfully on Friday, Dec 19th, 2008 with participation of 96 fighters from all over Afghanistan including Herat, Kabul, Farah, Paktia, Khost, Nangarhar, and Laqhman under direct supervision of Sensei Azadani, Branch Chief & President of Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan branch. Indeed, with no doubt, this tournament was a milestone and a big success for our country Kyokushin Karate.


Weight Category


Province/ Branch

60 Kg

Champion: Said Hamed Hashemi

2nd Place: Safiullah Fahmi Herat
3rd Place: Abdul Basir Rashidi Kabul

70 Kg

Champion: Hamed Shirin Sokhan Herat
2nd Place: Ebrahim Nezami Herat
3rd : Ahmad Sha Kalantari Farah

80 Kg

Champion: Ahmad Sha Afzali Herat
2nd Place: Solaiman Sultani Kabul
3rd Place: Mohammadin Alizahi Farah

+80 Kg

Champion: Ahmad Zahir Nahil Farah
2nd Place: Abasin Shinwari Nangarhar
3rd Place:  Wahid Ahmad Hashemi Herat


Champion: Hamed Shirin Sokhan Herat
2nd Place: Ghulam Farouq Rasouli Herat
3rd Place: Ahmad Sha Afzali Herat
4th place: Safiullah Fahmi Herat


Furthermore, The 2nd All Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Instructors’ Training Seminar was also another big success for our country Kyokushin Karate development. It was held with participation of all Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan instructors in Dec 18th, 2008. Kihons, Katas, Kumite training, 10 types of Urawaza, and Bo no Katas were taught and practiced. In addition, there was a judging seminar for judges and referees.

President message to Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan members:

I'd like to extend my appreciation to all of you for the hard work that you are carrying out for our organization, Kyokushin-kan International - Afghanistan. Together with our members all over Afghanistan, we will make Kyokushin-kan the biggest and strongest organization of all in Afghanistan as it will be in the world, we believe, very soon. Therefore, let’s continue to be loyal to Kancho Royama, and let’s continue our daily training and hard work.

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