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The Biggest Success for Kyokushin-kan International – Afghanistan!

For the first time in Afghanistan Kyokushin Karate history, Afghanistan national team successfully took part in All Kyokushin Karate World Tournament held on Oct 2-4, 2009 in Budapest - Hungary.


As it was announced, almost half thousand fighters from 62 countries participated in this historic World Tournament. Noting the quality and level of the tournament, the number of participants, and the famous champion faces in this WT; indeed, this World Tournament was the biggest Kyokushin Karate World Tournament in the history of Kyokushin Karate.

Afghanistan made a history in 80 Kg division.Among 92 participants in 80 Kg division, Sensei Ahmad Shah Afzali reached among 8 best by defeating France, All Japan Champion- Mr. Funasaki Yu, and Georgia. Furthermore, to reach the semi final, he performed a nice fight with the World Champion- Mr. Abdulrashidov Shamsudin from Russia.

We are very proud to be informed that among strong teams in the World Tournament after Russia, Hungary, Japan, Georgia, and Armenia, Afghanistan was also named to have really very strong fighters.

  Results of the World Tournament:





1. Gabor Rosza HUNGARY 2. Lasha Khachapuridze GEORG. 3. Kristian Peto HUNGARY 4. Takayoshi Nakazawa JAPAN 5. Astemir Beslanaev RUSSIA 6. Darren Stringer GT BRITAIN 7. Khizirkhazhi Khasuev RUSSIA 8. Emil Bitkash RUSSIA 1. Alexander Erokhin RUSSIA   2. Arayik Rafayelyan ARMENIA 3. Emil Dzhafarov RUSSIA 4. Shamsudin Abdurashidov RUS5. Afzali Ahmad Shah- AFGHANISTAN 6. Rati Tsiteladze GEORGIA 7. Arsen Hachatryan RUSSIA 8. Lado Toloraia GEORGIA 1. Magomed Mitsaev RUSSIA   2. Alexei Gorokhov RUSSIA 3. Dmitry Savelyev RUSSIA 4. Lorant Paksi HUNGARY 5. Zsolt Balogh HUNGARY 6. Mikhail Sokhachev RUSSIA 7. Yusuke Fuji JAPAN 8. Muhumbi Mogove S.AFRICA 1. Timur Gatashev Russia 2. Andrey Vidyulin Russia 3. Alexander Ibragimov Russia 4. Artur Tilov Russia 5. Ayrton Correa Ramos Urug 6. Sandor Kovacs Hung 7. Senol Cem Holland 8. Andemir Kogotyzhev Russia

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