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Training Seminar and Kyu Promotion Test for Khost Branch of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan

On Friday 20 February 2015, The First technical seminar and belt promotion test was successfully held in Southeast region Khost province.

Report drafted by: Ihsan
On Friday 20 February, the first Kyokushin-kan technical training seminar was successfully facilitated by Special Guest Sensei Mohammadullah Sabiri, Afghanistan Kyokushin-kan Technical Committee member and Southeast region Chief. The seminar conducted at the premises of the Khost Physical Education and Sport Department. Around 180 students have actively participated in this technical training seminar. The training mainly focused on Kihon, Kumite techniques and Katas. During the Seminar there was a great Kyokushin spirits and spectacular environment. The students were professionally guided by Sensei Sabiri. The participants enjoyed and achieved productive outcomes from this seminar. The seminar was organized by Khost provincial Branch Chief Sensei Rahmanullah Wisal Mangal. The aim of this training seminar was to develop and promote the Kyokushin-kan Karate in Khost province of Afghanistan. After training sessions, belt promotion test were also held by Sensei Sabiri, around 80 Karate-kas participated in belt grading test. During certificate awards ceremony Khost Kyokushin kan kids performed incredible demonstrations, after exhibition, the Head of Khost Physical Education and Sport Department appreciated the efforts of Afghanistan Kyokusin-kan Karate do Organization and specially thanked Sensei Sabiri for providing this opportunities to Khost  Kyokusin-kan team. Sensei Sabiri congratulated to all upgraded students, and stated that he will continue his visits to Khost province and will strive to develop the Kyokushin-kan in southeast region. Sabiri Sensei also shared the ongoing organizational events and also explained the future and imminent organizations plans for national and international occasions and tournaments and he hoped that southeast region Paktya and Khost will actively represent in national and international tournaments. Likewise, Mr. Wisal Mangal expressed his pleasures and thanked from his Teacher Sensei Sabiri who taught the fundamental methods and way of Kyokushin-kan Karate. Everyone participated with the ‘Kyokushin spirit’ he expected that they will continue similar events. During the last period of the events, rank belts including seminar and belt promotion certificates were awarded to qualify students. In this gathering, youths, journalists, students and hundred-hood sportsmen, participated in this awards ceremony. The event has officially closed by Kyokushin oath taking ceremony.

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